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Downloaded by Accident

Can I have refund the money, I click download the game by accident, I don’t want this game, can you reimburse my money to my account please!!! Thanks Chau

Smart Game

So many wonderful design decisions in this game: From not being able to expose the same part of the marshmallow to the fire twice, to skewers with different movement types, to various obstacles in and around the board, to the charming meta-lines from the characters sitting around a campfire discussing life and “puzzling activities” — I look forward to the talented Layton Hawkes’ next game!

amazing puzzle game

to the reviewer saying this is a ripoff "sausage roll", the idea may be similar but the puzzle mechanics and execution are vastly different. kudos to the dev for presenting something fresh. the puzzles are not simple but not infuriating either. i spend a couple of minutes with each panel and each leaves me satisfied. wish there were more panel though!

Love It

Addicting puzzles and attractive graphics and music. Every new level group adds a new wrinkle to keep the puzzles interesting. If, like me, you are an aficionado of puzzle games for the iPhone, this one should be in your collection.

Great puzzles but Game Center sync broke

The puzzles in this game are mostly on the harder side of average, with a few stumpers thrown in for good measure, but the harder puzzles can still be reasoned through with patience, and a bit of logic and note-taking. I was thoroughly enjoying the game until my phone broke and I reinstalled on my new phone. My progress appears to have been saved to Game Center (great!) but the game now loads into level select and then ceases to respond to touch inputs. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but nothing changed, so my progress probably got corrupted somehow. Here’s hoping for a fix, but I may need to reset the game data and do everything over again :(

Good to try.

Puzzles are not easy not hard. Turning controlling is not good. Sometimes you have too try many times to make a stick change into the right direction. Based on the puzzle “moving the box”, this game is worth to try.


This is top shelf stuff. The level of challenge is just right for a casual game. I rarely became frustrated with the puzzles but they’re tricky enough to give you a sense of accomplishment (or relief) when you figure them out. The graphics are clean and attractive. Don’t expect much from the storyline. There’s not even a story, just some genial interludes between puzzles. The controls are generally excellent, although it can be frustrating to rotate the skewers at certain parts of the screen, like the upper left. You have to hold your finger at juuuust the right spot. I like that the graphics are BIG and easy to tap. On an iPad you could probably play this wearing boxing gloves.


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Fun and challenging puzzle

I like the concept of this game and I can see myself spending a lot of time on it. But one thing that is already so annoying just 15 minutes in is that on iPhone X I keep accidentally swiping to go home when I’m trying to rotate a wooden stick. Not sure how to fix this. Edit: the latest update fixed my issue. Adjusted review to 5 stars partially due to the fix, but mostly due to the developer communication and engagement with the users.

Can’t wait for S’MORE from this Developer

It’s fun and very pretty - well done. Puzzles are perhaps too easy for the serious puzzler, but the cut scenes make it worth the time in. Loved it.

new update

Looks beautiful on the iPhone X. Gameplay is 5/5. Got nothing bad to say about this game. Would recommend.


A total ripoff of one of the greatest—if not the greatest—puzzle games ever made: Steven’s Sausage Roll. Campfire is a fine experience, but boy is it troubling how much of a copy it is. Get creative, make something new.

Love it


Excellent puzzler

Superb and polished premium puzzle game. Each level has new twists and turns, and the gameplay makes you think. Edit: Once you purchase Campfire Cooking, you don't have to pay to use it on another device of yours. Campfire Cooking received the gold award from the most reputable site in the U.K., so the other reviewer is full of ....Don't understand why someone would write a fake review.

Love this game.

So much fun.

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